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-Monday, July 5, 2004-

uh, yea…

Well kids, it was time to take the rock show on the road, so we packed up the trusty ole' trailer, and headed to Roca, I mean Ponca, City. We knew that we were scheduled to rock Planet Rock, but, as usual, we didn't have any idea what the club would be like. This was the second time "Twelve Pearls" had played in Ponca, but it was the first time for both Brandon and I. Anyway, the Rocking Horse/Planet Rock turned out to be one of the cooler clubs we have ever played; the whole place was very well kept. The front half was the aptly decorated country dancing club, The Rocking Horse, where our new friends Western Justice entertained line dancers and two-steppers all night long. The junk in the trunk of the club was our spot… the rock spot: Planet Rock. After setting up our gear the folks at the club suggested that we go and dine at the Rusty Barrel (fortunately it was nothing like the "rusty trombone"). I'm glad that we took their advice because it was some of the best grub that we've ever experienced, and it got us ready to ro-ro-rock it all night long. In the time we spent not rocking, I hung out with baby-girl, Brandon talked to girls, Andrew watched the girls, and Kit found satisfaction in shooting the breeze with the locals. Andrew credited my very "entertaining" performance that night to the,uh, "rockin'" 1980's Kiss music videos he showed us before the show. Honestly, was taking off the makeup ever really considered a good idea?

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-Friday, June 11, 2004-
Weird. Surreal. Deja vu.
Yup, that was the last couple of weeks of April for us. Where'd it start? In Norman (our fourth show in Norman in like five weeks), at OU for the Relay for Life. That was a weird gig; we were set up in a corner of OU's wrestling arena, with people walking by the stage as they circled the floor. It was the first-ever 12 Pearls show where all 400 or so people were on the front row at one time or another (thanks to Mary Foley for hooking us up with it). Then we went to Guthrie, Kit's old hometown, for a show on '89er Day. The venue was the Swan Music Hall, across the street from the '89er Carnival and about a block away from the Freightliner, this old-man bar that Kit's high school band Poindexter used to play in the mid-'90s (the Freightliner has, thankfully, been condemned). We set up, cruised the carnival, then waited for our buddies Upside and the Feds to show up (they'd played Kansas City the night before). Once they did, we were ready to rock. Muchas gracias to all the cool Guthrie (and Norman... you know who you are) kids who came out to rock with us. It was definitely a little surreal playing a converted 100-year-old hotel, with a Ferris Wheel going across the street. I think Upside were more freaked out than we were; the Feds just kept sneaking across the back alley to the Gusher (another old-man bar). Did we see any carneys? You bet we did! This one guy came into the show, and he had tiny swastika tattoos on his earlobes. I was gonna ask him where he got them, but decided I didn't want to get shanked. Afterwards, Kit tried to talk the Upside and Feds guys into sneaking over to the carnival and starting up the Ferris Wheel again, but they chickened out. I think maybe they saw the swastika carney, too.
* * * * *
After a couple of days of rest and relaxation, we went back to Norman for a headlining gig at Brother's with
Taylor Davis. It was crazy-cold for the end of April, like 40 or something, and NOBODY was on Campus Corner. So we rocked out the people who did show up, including our old buddy Josh Evans from the golden days of KSPI in Stillwater … thanks for requesting "She," Josh! Brandon forgot half the words, and nobody could remember the bridge. We closed out the set with a couple of numbers that got everybody dancing, packed up the trailer, and headed for home. Luckily (sort of), we were in two cars. The first problem of the night occurred when Kit's car died. Completely. On the south side of OKC at 4 in the morning. We got it pushed over to the side of the road, moved the trailer over to Brandon's car, and got ready to go again, when we hear WHAPPITY-WHAPPITY-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-THUMP-THUMP-THUMP-FLUMP-FLUMP-FLUMP-flump. That's right; Brandon ran over a garden rake, puncturing his tire. Who throws a garden rake on the side of the road? Apparently, people on the south side. So we were pretty well stuck when these two guys pull over in front of us and offered to help out (for a small fee, of course). They helped us change Brandon's tire, and got Kit's car on their tow hitch. We dropped off Kit's car at a repair shop (that turned
out not to be open on Saturdays) with a note, and headed for home. I think I went to bed at 6:30 in the
a.m. that day. Kit didn't sleep at all while he tried to get his car problem sorted out (turns out the
emergency fuel pump shut-off switch got triggered, but towing the car screwed up the transmission; it was a
mess), and ended up staying awake for 38 straight hours. It was AWESOME. And very, very frightening. But
awesome. Towards the end, it was kind of like what I imagine hanging out with Frankenstein is like.

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-Monday, April 21, 2004-
We got to the Bricktown Brewery early on Saturday in order to play acoustically for a big bash that 107.7 KRXO was putting on. We were eagerly anticipating playing a song and being broadcasted live on the air, but we got the shaft on that deal. We did, however, score some really good free beer, and free cigars that we enjoyed after the show in the world's most controversial parking lot among the company of Oklahoma City's finest; police and bums alike. After the acoustic show, and some amazing snare drumming and snare-stand drumming on my part, we jumped over to the other side of the club just in time for Shaft's detailed and lengthy sound check. We sat back at the merch. table for a bit, met and made some new fans and friends. Before too long, the sound crew was telling those bad mother… "shut your mouth"… "What? I'm just talking about Shaft."… to get up on the stage, and get the party started. And get the party started they did. Shaft tore the roof off the place, and then put it back down so that we could tear it off again. As Shaft preformed, I had to set my drums up backstage to get them ready to take to the stage as soon as Shaft was done. I was anticipating having plenty of space to work with, but I got the shaft on that as well. It seems Shaft uses the same amount of cases as the Kiss / Aerosmith tour, and likes to keep them all backstage. Anyways, Shaft finished up, and we finally got set up and ready to rock. As we were setting up, I was eagerly hoping for some female dancers to help us entertain the crowd, and… I didn't get the shaft on that. Special thanks to all three ladies that we shared the stage with; I hope that you have started a growing trend, and that there are more dancing ladies in Twelve Pearls' immediate future.

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-Thursday, April 15, 2004-
(Note: This entry is more entertaining if you read it while listening to "Seven Nation Army" by the White Stripes).

"We're goin' to Wichita!" If I had a dime for every time I sang that last weekend, I'd have $1.20. If I had a dime for every time Kit hit me when I sang that line, I'd have 40 cents. Yes, it was 12p's second-ever trip to Kansas, almost two years after the first trip. We played America's Pub in Wichita's Old Town, with Shaft, the Wichita BTML band. Old Town is like Bricktown, but bigger. Similarly, America's Pub is like the Bricktown Brewery, but bigger. Think 25-foot ceilings and a room big enough to play arena football in. It is a touch cavernous. Anyway, we got there at a reasonable hour, loaded in, sh*t the sh*t with Sh*ft, then went to eat. Brandon won the annual 12p NCAA
tournament pool (correctly picking OSU, Duke, and UConn in the Final Four), so we owed him dinner. And
he wanted to eat fancy. So we found a nice restaurant in Old Town and watched B. load up on onion rings, salad and country-fried steak. Then we walked back to America's Pub just in time to jump up on stage. The
show went super-great, Matt took off early with his lady-friend, and the rest of us split our time between watching Shaft and ogling the meat market in the dance club connected to the Pub. Then it was time to celebrate Easter morning by driving back to the OKC. To mark the occasion, I sang "we're leaving Wichita!"

Then Kit hit me.

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-Friday, April 1, 2004-
Sorry for the late entry, but here it is: I don't know if I'd call it a weird weekend, but it certainly was an ... interesting weekend. On Friday, we rolled into Brother's in Norman to do a big rock show with our pals Future Boy. It was the first time for 12p to rock Brother's, and it went pretty well (mad props to Audra for helping out on the merch table!) Some of our Bud friends and a double-shot of Bud Girls named Erin hung out, too, and we all got Bud Light Mardi Gras beads. We saw a lot of old friends, and raised a lot of money for the Curt Martin family fund.I don't know if I'd call it a weird weekend, but it certainly was an ... interesting weekend. On Friday, we rolled into Brother's in Norman to do a big rock show with our pals Future Boy. It was the first time
for 12p to rock Brother's, and it went pretty well (mad props to Audra for helping out on the merch table!) Some of our Bud friends and a double-shot of Bud Girls named Erin hung out, too, and we all got Bud Light Mardi Gras beads. We saw a lot of old friends, and raised a lot of money for the Curt Martin family fund.

Saturday morning we all watched OSU trounce A&M, then rolled down to the Bricktown Brewery at about 6 to
load in for the big rock show with Falcon Five-O. We chose to eat some big rock wings at Bricktown Hooters, and that's when things got weird again. First off, all of the Hooters Girls (who usually act like the Raisins
Girls in that South Park episode) seemed really bored. Then, as the pile of wings was nearly out, this guy who looked like one of the Highlanders (seriously... craggy face, really long black hair, tall,
ramrod-straight posture) walked by our table, stopped for a moment, stared at us as if to say "There can be
only one" and then walked on again. We hightailed it back to the Brewery, set up, hobnobbed with the FFO boys for a bit (they have a new album coming out April 30, you know) and then watched two Adult Swim reps plaster the room in posters, banners, and TVs showing cartoons. Adult Swim, for the uneducated, is the adult programming late nights on the Cartoon Network, and Saturday was Adult Swim night. This brought out a slightly different crowd than the normal bunch that watches FFO and 12p; namely, hardcore Adult Swim fans. We should have known it was going to be a fun night when Kit had to take Adult Swim shirts to the seven or eight under-21s that were stuck outside the Brewery. Then, right after our set, these two guys came up to the merch table. The conversation went like this: (three minutes of two guys staring at Andrew)
Guy 1: Uh... hey.
Andrew: Hi.
Guy 1: Uh... Are you the creator of "Sealab 2021"?
Andrew: Me? No. I'm the manager of 12 Pearls.
Guy 1: Who are they?
Andrew: The band that just played.
Guy 1: Oh. Cool.
Guy 2: 'Cause we heard that the Sealab 2021 guy was
back here.
Andrew: Nope, just me. There's some Cartoon Network
guys up front.
Guy 1: Yeah, we already talked to them.
Guy 2: Do you think the Sealab guy is gonna be back
here later?
Andrew: Haven't heard. You guys want a t-shirt or
Guy 1: Are they free?
Andrew: Yeah, they're Bud and 12 Pearls shirts.
Guy 2: Who's 12 Pearls?
Guy 2: Oh. (two minutes of silence) Is it XXL?
Andrew: no.
Guy 2: No thanks. I would wear it if it was XXL.
Andrew: Sorry.
Guy 1: We'll be over there (pointing towards pool
tables) if the Sealab guy shows up.

Yeah, that's the kind of night it was. Oh yeah, and Jordan showed up to see his first-ever Twelve Pearls show! It was great to see him, Kerensa, and the gang again.

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-Friday, February 27, 2004-
Well what a fun time we had at the Wormy Dog OKC last Saturday celebrating our second annual Mardi Gra party! We got a chance to open up for The Great Divide, and I have to say those guys are really cool. We've opened for Cross Canadian Ragweed, No Justice, and will soon be playing a show with Jason Boland and the Stragglers, so it's only fitting that we added The Great Divide to our list of Stillwater Red Dirt headliners.

We rolled in around six for sound check and watched as Mika and the guys ran through some songs and dialed things in for their set. After we sound checked we hung around bricktown for a while, and then came back to the Dog to get some drinks and get ready for the show. J.J. from the Divide asked us to join them on their bus to hang out and kick back a few. All I can say is...I want a tour bus! This thing was great, and big! JJ gave me a tour and we talked about the pluses and minuses to owning a tour bus. So to make a long story short, we hung out for a while and had a great time listening to some tunes and watchin tv. Thanks fellas, it was fun.

For the most part, the actual "show" went really quite well. Except the fact that we blew a breaker, not once but twice! I guess we were rockin the Wormy Dog a little too much that night. Evrything else went well and the crowd was great! Thanks to all of you fans who came out to hear us, and also thanks to all the Great Divde fans that got into our music, we're glad you liked it and hope you come out to another show soon.

As you all know 12 pearls is now a three piece, but Saturday night we were blessed to have a stand in lead guitarist by the name of Sam Caire! Sam is a long time friend of mine and as of Saturday night he has filled in at every instrument (except lead singer) for a 12 pearls show. That's right, the man has played a couple of shows for us filling in at bass, drums, and now finally his real love....guitar. He did great and it was good to have him with us. We might have him on for some other shows, so keep your eyes opened for him.

Finally, one thing I haven't brought up yet was the fact that Budweiser was kind enough to send a few "Bud Girls" out to the show to do a little Bud promotion, and that was good. They did a wonderful job of handing out free stuff to the packed Wormy Dog house (and they didn't look half bad either). But seriously we all had a good time and we look forward to rockin' The Wormy Dog OKC again in the near future!

posted by Brandon Jackson at 8:00 PM

-Monday, February 2, 2004-
Hello little boys and girls of 12 P land. Well, this week was as fun filled as the last. We organized a gig with Oklahoma natives and good buddies "Surviving August" now in Dallas. After weeks of promotion and work, we played to a scarce audience, but those who were there liked to rock. We would like to thank Surviving August and their great fans for a wonderful time. We would also like to apologize for Matt's red hair....we know. We want to thank Melissa for the cookies....That is right we took leftover cookies from a banquet room what of it??? And yes, some of them were half eaten. But that just keeps the rock hand strong, and you must keep the rock hand strong. After some Waffle House blues (like not getting all of our order even after asking ten times) we took it to the house. We finally got a rehearsal space in my Dad's office building where we could rock out full on. So Saturday we worked out some of the kinks in the set and wrote some new diddies. Saturday night we drove down to Norman to a birthday party for a guy we didn't know, who was already passed out by the time we got there. The party came to an abrupt halt, though, when one of the hostesses dresser was knocked over breaking many childhood memories. Sorry Stacy. We continued the party at an old buddies and listened to one of the OLD SCHOOL 12 P albums...ouch. The night wound down with a drive back to OKC in the pouring rain. Sunday was more practice and more rocking. We got some pics of rehearsal on the pics page so check 'em out. We will see ya next time.

posted by Kit Nowlin at 6:50 PM

-Thursday, January 22, 2004-
Well, my week of rock started a little earlier than everybody else's when I caught Taylor Davis' acoustic set at the Common Grounds coffeehouse in Waco, TX Thursday night. Not only does Taylor know "Free Bird," but he can sing both of the Zac Attack songs from that Saved by the Bell episode, and several New Kids on the Block tunes as well. That's right, kids; Taylor is just that talented. Anyway, since I was already down in Texas, I got the honor of picking up Kit from the airport in Dallas (long story) and getting him up to Stillwater for the show. Only it was raining, so his plane was an hour late, and we hit rush hour traffic. Then we got rained on all the way to Stillwater. So we roll into Willie's about 11:15 p.m. and luckily, Taylor, Matt and Brandon were doing OK without us. The 12p rockstravaganza went on as scheduled, and eventhough Kit and I got in late, another night of rocking commenced. Willie's is always fun, and we always try to throw something new out just to see what happened. Friday, it was "Mary Jane's Last Dance," and it went so well, it might just turn up again. Oh, and big shout-out to the Paris Hilton look-alike that came in about 12:30. Girl was lookin' fine. Did the rocking stop after Willie's closed? No, sir. The rocking just moved over to IHOP, where we swapped maple syrup and stories with Taylor, his manager Angela and three girls whose names I have already forgotten until 5:30 in the a.m. And then the rocking stopped. Although we did all go see Paycheck with Ben Affleck on Saturday night. And that was kind of rocking.

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-Monday, December 15, 2003-
So we finally bought a trailer! It took us a while to make the purchase, but we finally got tired of loading up two of our cars and riding to gigs with equipment all around us. We bought it a month ago, and were treated real fair by our local trailer retailer Curtis.

Sat. November 15, 2003:

It was back to the brewery for another show with our friends Falcon Five-O. I was really nervous because it was the first time back on the stage where I took my ill-advised stage dive. I didn't fall off this time, but I didn't really move around that much either. The crowd was great, and we wanna thank everyone who came out.

Also as far as shows go, we had a lot of fun playing at the Samurai with Space Cadet & the Feds thursday November 20th. Both bands sounded amazing as they rocked the Samurai during an off night from their tour with Bowling for Soup. It was a last minute show, but we were able to pull it together for those guys, and I think it was definately worth it. I know I had a good time. We also were the subject of a documentery film about local musicians that night. A couple of students from OSU came out to the gig to do a few interviews and take some video footage of the show. It's a school project, but I think it should be pretty cool, and I'm glad we got to be a part of it. Thanks Mark!

After that show it was off to Ft. Worth where we once again opened up for Taylor Davis at The Moon. We were a little bad though....see it was Taylor birthday sooooo we proceeded to take it upon ourselves to "make sure he had a good time". Well, needless to say, by the time he went on stage, he had trouble remembering his own songs. It was pretty funny, but we felt bad when he told us that he was on medication for a broken leg he had suffered while having a corn-cob fight a few days earlier. All I have to say is don't mix alchohol and medication. Not a smart move. Ooops.

Finally, we just played our last show of 2003 at.....where?......the Brictown Brewery with Falcon Five-O! Vanna, tell them what they've won! Seriously though, we threw in some new stuff to the set that we hadn't really played at the brewery and had some fun with a few covers we hadn't played in a while. Even with the weather, the night went really well......until......just as we were about to leave after chating with a few employees of the Brewery, it is brought to our attention that the keys to the trailer and my explorer are nowhere to be found! During the night they had been passed around to every member of the band (and a few people who weren't in the band) and no one could exactly remember who had them last! Here it is 3 in the am, cold and snowy, and we have no idea where our keys are. Not a fun time. After a while of calling people, and searching the Brewery, I happen to spot them where we somehow missed them before. Oh well those things happen. At least it worked out. Thanks to the Brewery for taking such good care of us. We'll be back next year!

posted by Brandon Jackson at 12:20 AM

-Monday, November 3, 2003-
October 22nd Tahlequah OK NSU Campus

OK, so 12 P has to give some love to the folks in far NE Oklahoma every once in a while so we went to play Rocktoberfest on the NSU campus with our buddies Falcon- Five-O and The Midwest Kings. The NSU team did it up right with ole time wieners, popcorn, cotton candy, and drinks on the lawn. It was pretty nice, until it got dark and they had to make an emergency run to get lights. Luckily, we went on in the dusk slot so it wasn't an issue while we were on stage. As we began to play the people gathered, hardly anyone yelled "Free bird", and we got a ton of new contacts on our email list. So thanks to the NSU fans who came out. We will be back.

posted by Kit Nowlin at 4:18 PM

-Thursday, October 23, 2003-
Saturday, Rocktober 4th, 2003
As usual, Willie's was awesome. Thanks to everyone who came out and made it a great and crazy crowd. It was our first time to play Willie's as a three piece, so Brandon was pretty nervous. Despite the horrible monitor mix (I could barely hear anything besides the drums), all turned out well. Highlights: Taylor gave away goldfish, and let me Bogart on a couple of his songs. Some drunk and crazy guy tried to play my drums during Taylor's set while I was outside the club. We played our first encore after all those crazies in the crowd kept screaming for more. During the encore, Black, the sharing of my drums became a little overwhelming, as everyone seemed to be playing to the beat of their own drummer.

Sunday, Rocktober 5th, 2003
After a drive to Tulsa, we walked into a two big surprises: an empty bar and finding out that we're not the opener on a three-band bill, nope, we've been conveniently moved to the headlining spot. What to do? Well, we had to start with finding ways to kill time. We did so by having dinner with Jordan and Kerensa where they told us all about Jamaica, and their honeymoon adventures. Next, Amy and Melissa took us to an Indian casino to gamble away our life savings. After I had lost all my money, we decided to go back to the show and be rock stars. Hum Machine from Madison, Wisconsin put on an incredible live performance as they added one more show towards their Guinness Book of World Records goal. They were a tough act to follow, but follow we did. We played a lot of new stuff… I guess it's just too bad you were not there to hear it.

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-Friday, September 26, 2003-
Thank you for all the e-mails and calls of concern, but Brandon is going to be OK. For those of you that haven’t heard yet, Mr. Jackson took an accidental swan-dive off the Bricktown Brewery stage Saturday evening. It was an interesting way to cap off an interesting week.

We took off Wednesday for Nashville and the Nashville New Music Conference ( ). 2NMC is one of the 3 or 4 bigger events of its kind in the nation, and about 100 bands (including 12p!) were showcasing over three days in clubs all over the city. After an 11-hour drive, we crashed down on the hard concrete floors of the Vanderbilt University dorms (our manager’s brother goes to Vandy and put us up for free) for a few hours, then got up to take in the sights, sounds and smells of Nashville... Music City... the town that Garth Brooks built.

2NMC was loads of fun. We met two great bands, Need to Breathe from South Carolina and Waiting for December
from Tennessee, that you should definitely check out if you’re in the Southeast. The most interesting band there was probably a tie between Unknown Hinson, this rockabilly guy with glued-on felt mutton chops who berates the crowd for being into “rawk an’ roal” (we THINK it was a joke) and DeNovo Dahl, who took the stage in matching orange velour short shorts, except for the one girl in the band, who wore an orange velour miniskirt.

A very creepy moment came early Friday morning, when we found out Johnny Cash had died (RIP, Man in Black)
and that at the time of his death we were only a block away from the hospital he was in. Definitely surreal.

After two days of conferences, “networking” (read: schmoozing) and checking out some great music, it was
time for the big 12p showcase at the End in downtown Nashville. We followed Tomorrow’s Friend (think White
Stripes, but two chicks instead of a couple pretending to be brother and sister), and were followed by Collider (kind of like if the Ramones used a keytar) and Slack (the “next big thing” at the conference, kind of like Nirvana around the time of “Bleach.”) The showcase went great, and most notably, nobody fell off the stage. We weren’t so lucky on Saturday.

We had a 12-hour drive to OKC staring us in the face, so everything went back in the car and we rolled out of Nashville at about 1 in the morning. Kit wasn’t real happy about the number of stops we took (“12-hour drive? You oughta have to stop twice. For gas! You all are pussies!”), but we made good time, had a breakfast break at a Cracker Barrel near Fort Smith and rolled into town a little after noon. Then it was sleepytime until 7, when we headed down to the Bricktown Brewery to open up for Falcon Five-O.

It was about halfway through the set, during “Don’t Give Up on Me” (one of the new songs), when Brandon hit one of Matt’s cymbals, turned around, tried to grab the mic, planted his foot on the setlist, lost all traction and tumbled over the front of the stage, down about five feet, landing flat on his back on the dance floor. (Unfortunately, we didn’t get a picture of the incident, but check out our court sketch artist’s rendering for what the scene looked like) Neither Brandon’s guitar nor bones were broken, thankfully, and about five minutes later a very-flustered guitarist started the song again, and the band finished their set. Once we were sure he wasn’t hurt, the rest of us (and all of Falcon Five-O) thought it was REALLY funny.

posted by Andrew Kirkpatrick at 10:43 PM

-Wednesday, July 30, 2003-
I just want to let all you twelve pearls fans out there know that even though it seems like you haven't seen twelve pearls in a while....don't fret. We are just working behind the scenes on a bunch of cool stuff. We have some changes as well as some big things instore for this next year. We'll be hitting the road in mid to late august with a handful of new songs and playing in new venues in new cities. Keep your eyes open and we look forward to seeing you at a twelve pearls show soon.

posted by Brandon Jackson at 5:02 PM

-Thursday, April 17, 2003-
So the band played the OSU student union Friday night for the first time in like four years, and that was kinda fun. The Student Union Activities Board is having these casino nights on Fridays this semester, and is bringing in some of the state's biggest bands to play while the students fake-gamble. I guess we know now what playing the Vegas casino circuit is like, but hey, Matt's girlfriend won 200 chips at roulette, so who's complaining?

Saturday was another crazy time at Othello's in Norman; that place is really starting to feel like a home away from home for us. A 21st-birthday bar-crawl party wandered in around 12:30 and Kit dedicated "Fight for Your Right" to the birthday girl, who then promptly walked over to the bar and talked two forty-something drunk guys into buying her two shots each. Beautiful moments like that just don't happen every night, people.

posted by Andrew Kirkpatrick at 10:54 PM

-Tuesday, April 8, 2003-
So we played the Bricktown Brewery twice in a week; that was pretty kick-@ss. On Friday, we played with our new friends Spider Douglas, who are cool guys (you may have seen them on the cover of Loud Magazine, but check them out at They recorded an album with Bob Seger's drummer producing and got to hold his Grammy. I want to hold a Grammy. At the end of the night, Brandon had a little bit of a bar tab dispute and lost a guitar cable in the heat of the moment (oops). Attempts Saturday morning to get the hung-over bar staff to find the cable didn't exactly work.
Then the next Thursday (April 3), 12 Pearls was the official 105.3 the Spy Pearl Jam after-party band (12 Pearls … Pearl Jam … get it? funny, huh?). As part of that shebang, the band was interviewed live by DJ Dax on 105.3, and then they broadcast live from the Brewery. Thanks to all you PJ fans who came out after the show.
Oh, by the way, Brandon won his court case (see one of our January diary entries) in Norman. The judge threw the traffic ticket out after seeing Brandon's outstanding legal briefs, and he didn't even have to pay court costs. On the downside, Brandon now insists on being called Matlock.

posted by Andrew Kirkpatrick at 7:35 PM

-Tuesday, March 17, 2003-
Just want to let you all know that Andrew and I went to the green door last night to see a hot swedish chick punk band called sahara hotnights. All in all it was an ok night (I was fighting sleep while listening to a loud punk was rough). the opening bands (all 3) were ok. Actually andrew liked the first band, red planet from San Fran. They did have a pretty good guitarist. Anyway, the crowd was thin for most of the night until Sahara took the stage. It got crowded quick. It was also about that time that Andrew and I (who were standing just off stage right) noticed a guy who looked a lot like Howlin' Pelle (the lead singer of the Hives). He was standing by himself and looked like some junior high kid at his first dance. He acted like he had no idea what to do while he waited for the band to start. As we watched him, we figured out that, sure enough, it was him. We both knew he was seeing one of the girls in Sahara Hotnights, but didn't really know for sure. Except for me and Andrew, no one had noticed him....yet. It wasn't long before a few high school kids found out who he was, and after a small line formed for pictures and autograghs, Saharah Hotnights took the stage. At that point Pelle moved to the back of the room. You may be asking yourself, "WHAT?!, you were standing next to Howlin' Pelle of the hives and you didn't talk to him!? Well....not at that point. After Sahara Hotnights finished their encore, the greendoor emptied faster than a highschool keg party when the police show up, and Andrew and I decided to hang around a little bit longer just to what happened. I was glad we did. As everyone left and Sahara's road crew cleared the stage, who did we see standing all alone at the foot of the stage......that's right, Pele. Well, it was as good a time as any to do a little band networking. So I had a nice little chat with him about life, love (he's dating the lead singer of Sahara Hotnights), and of course twelvepearls. Yes, that's right I just happend to have the "listen ep" in my pocket and he was happy to take it and as he said in his thick Swedish accent...."Thanks, I will listen to it on the way home". That's pretty much it. We had a great time, and got to see a pretty hot swedish chick band. Seriously, if you haven't checked them out do....they're fihiiiine!

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-Tuesday, March 4, 2003-
Well, well, what a weekend we had in Stillwater and Norman! I first want to say thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate our new release, listen. I hope you all enjoyed the show, and all the new twelvepearls merch! For those of you who couldn't be there, let me fill you in on what the night was like. First, we show up to the wormy dog concert hall at load in time, and the freakin doors were locked! So matt and I had to take a walk down the strip to the wormy dog saloon to get it open. Once we got in, we had a pleasant surprise waiting for us on the stage. The roof was leaking! (Not a reference to the song raining) Half of the stage was soaked, but we were able to set up and rock without getting killed. Taylor Davis started the night off right with a great set. I also got a chance to get up on stage and rock with them on their cover of Hey Joe. It was great. In fact, Whitney walked up to Kit and Matt, who were standing right in front of me, and asked where I was. All they could do was point up to the stage! Sorry Whit, you asked. Once we took the stage, the night seemed to fly by. Everything went great, and it was a rockin time.

After doing interviews for the Oklahoma Daily, and sitting in on a spot of The Wire, the radio station broadcast over cable in Norman, we were ready to rock Norman. It was a tight fit, but we were able to get two bands onto the tiny stage at Othello's, and except for the lady that crushed her copy of the listen ep, The night was a success!

All in all the weekend rocked. Now look for our show at the Diamond Ballroom on Friday March 7th, AND Listen to the BUZZ (94.7 in OKC), because they're having a battle of the bands for local artists starting this friday. Rock the Vote!

p.s. wish me luck.....i go to court to fight the man in Norman town on March 27th. I'm ready to play lawyer, and I feel like I can pull a Matlock and win!

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-Friday, February 7, 2003-
On Jan. 26, we had our first-ever 12 Pearls Super Bowl party at Brandon's place. Unfortunately, it was bring-whatever-you-want, and nobody brought beer. We did, however, have something like 84 bags of chips, so that was nice. Also nice was Shania Twain's drummer during the halftime show. Did any of you see that? The man was wearing a diving wetsuit and ski goggles. Why? Seriously — why? Thank God we were able to talk Matt out of wearing that outfit at Othello's last Friday.
Speaking of Othello's, we had another kickbutt time there on Friday. Thanks to Monica, Othello's lovely bartendress, for wearing her 12p t-shirt to the show. Also big thanks to all our friends, old and new, that were there. It was a great gig and a great time.

Well, except for one thing: Norman's finest started coming through about 12:30 in the a.m. ticketing everybody who was parked on the street in front of Othello's. And that included the 12p-mobile. Did Brandon get pissed? Did he ever! He spent the entire setbreak with a digital camera documenting his case against the $15 parking ticket. We'll let you know how his courtdate turns out.

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-Monday, January 13, 2003-
So, it was about 11:30am on Saturday, and I was all ready to load the PA in the car and be on my way to Stillwater. I back the car up, go to open the garage door, and the damn thing falls off the track. I stood, clumsily holding the door up, yelling for Kerensa to come help me. About 45 minutes later we got the door shut and locked, so we could finally leave. We got to Matt’s house in Stillwater about an hour behind schedule. I unloaded my crap and Kerensa took the car.

Matt, Brandon and I lazily set up the PA (Matt and Brandon had already started prior to my arrival). Kit and Dru Pac showed up and we went over the plan for the day. For some reason we spend more time talking about what we’re going to do then we actually spend doing it. We ended up taking some pics in middle of the road (no band members were injured during the taking of these pics). After picture time we decided to run upstairs and make the neighborhood deaf by running through some of our new songs in preparation for that night’s show at Willie’s.

The playing made us hungry, and a wee bit thirsty as well. Matt’s lady-friend Kate had offered to cook us some grub, so we took her up on that (nothing beats free food). Kate, if you’re reading this, that was some good stuff – sorry Andrew and I ate all the bread before the main course was actually ready, but that bread kept me from getting totally annihilated later on that evening.

Willie’s… we came, we played, you listened… Once again an excellent fun/music-lovin’ crowd. Those are the best crowds to play to. Of course, it helps when we get there at about 8, get set up by 8:30, and begin drinking by about 8:31 – yeah, I dig shows like that. Thanks to everybody who came out. Hope to see you soon.

The fun didn’t stop there. Kerensa ran into one of her buddies at the bar, and he invited us back to his place after the show. With the 12 Pearls entorage, we showed up and drank until we were sober (headache and all) and then passed smoove out!

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-Tuesday, December 31, 2002-
Congrats to Matt, who came out tops in the first-ever 12 Pearls Smash-mouth fantasy football league. Led by Daunte Culpepper, Matt's ingeniously-named team The Crabs took first place this past weekend by beating my team narrowly. Brandon's team took third by beating Jordan's team the Nut Sackers. Kit refused to play, saying fantasy football was "lame." Kit apparently has no interest in sitting in his underwear at 11:30 p.m. in front of a computer, crunching statistics and watching SportsCenter. This may be because Kit has a wife and the rest of us don't.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Belle Isle last week; it was 12 Pearls' first time in a very surreal club (located right in the middle of the 50 Penn Place upscale mall in OKC) and we had a great crowd. The band spent their setbreaks riding escalators and window-shopping. OK, not really, but that would have been possible at the Belle Isle. It was also really nice to hear such a positive response to the new stuff, most of which you can hear if you pick up a copy of the Listen EP in February.

We decided again this year not to have a New Year's gig, so we've all gone our separate ways for a couple of weeks. Matt went to Dallas to see Flickerstick, Kit is in Kentucky and Jordan and Brandon are toasting 2003 in Oklahoma.
Happy New Year!

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-Wednesday, December 4, 2002-
Wow, what a week! Here's the situation: we get a call late last week asking if we can do a last-minute headlining gig at the Bricktown Brewery. Luckily, we could, as it's the premiere club in OKC and there were guaranteed to be huge crowds the Friday after Thanksgiving (right when nobody can stand their families anymore). So after an anxious Friday of watching football (except for Kit and Matt, who for some still-not-understood reason got up at 5 a.m. and 6 a.m., respectively, to go shopping and then had to take afternoon naps) the band rocked the house at the Brewery. We were really honored to have Lotus Netti opening up for us, and their new material sounds great. The only drawback was this drunk Sooner fan, who spent the entire night (no kidding) making the O-U sign in front of the stage. But that ended up being OK, because...

As all of you should know, OSU beat OU, 38-28, in the annual Bedlam football game Saturday afternoon, and none of us were that psyched to be playing a show in Oklahoma City that night. We all wanted to go to Stillwater to party. But, duty called, so we dutifully headed to the Sip. Our new friends in Tres Diablos came down from Stillwater and opened up the show. They have interesting instrumentation: bongos, stand-up bass and acoustic guitar, and they sound a little like Johnny Cash crossed with the Violent Femmes, if that makes any sense. Go see 'em next time they're in Stillwater. Since the Sip's a smaller room, 12p played an acoustic set, too, with a lot of new songs making their way into the mix. Of course, in celebration of Bedlam, all the songs had new titles, like "Orange Power," "Go Pokes," "The Ballad of Pistol Pete," "38-28," the old classic "16-13" and "No National Championship for You." (OK, I made that last one up.)

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-Wednesday, December 4, 2002-
Hey, I just want to say thanks to all the people who showed up to the show at the Bricktown Brewery last weekend. It was a lot of fun playing with Lotus Netti's been a while. It was a good time. Also, just a heads up to all you fans waiting for the new EP, "Listen", I made a dangerous trech up to Tulsa in the cold and rain last night to lay down the final bits to the last songs. All that's left is Jordan's harmonies on a song! It won't be long now! Soon you will be able to hear this amazing new stuff. Until next time.

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-Saturday, November 16, 2002-
Well, Stillwater was a GREAT time! Thanks to Joe and the entire Willies staff, and thanks to the many would be 12 Pearls newbies that rocked out with us. We'll be back soon. We hope you like some of our new stuff - because we like it bunches and bunches, and we want to see it go as far as it possibly can. Once again, thanks for the great times!

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-Wednesday, November 14, 2002-
So they (finally) had the Oklahoma Rock Awards on Sunday down in Lawton, after they were postponed three times. 12 Pearls was nominated for best rock/pop act and best single for "Jade", and performed as well, kicking off the awards show with a surprise cover of "California Love" by Dre and 2pac. Of course, the lyrics were changed to "Oklahoma knows how to party... in the city, the city of Lawton, we keep it rockin. We keep it rockin." It was pretty cool. Then after 20 seconds of that, the real 12p set began: seven songs, mostly stuff from the EP that's coming out in February. It seemed to be really well-received (the crowd was about 150 people) and the band performed with a lot of energy. Brandon even did some jump-kicks off the drum riser. Then we settled in to watch Borrowed Eminence and our old friends in 13 Stars (they have a new album that just came out; grab it at ), and then the awards started. While we didn't win either of our categories, as they say in Hollywood, it's an honor just to be nominated, and many thanks to Brandon "Bishop" Iski for putting on the OKRAs and letting us play. Also congratulations to Knucklewhite on winning best band. The band also used its time in Lawton to get some promo photos taken for the next EP at various places, including the Percussive Arts Museum (who realized Lawton had one of those?) and an elementary school playground. While we couldn't talk Kit into sitting on one of those spring-mounted kiddie play horses for a picture, the results of the shoot were good, and they're now wading through contact sheets to figure out which ones to use.

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-Sunday, October 6, 2002-
Well, thanks to all who patronized the 12 P garage sale mania. We hustled a bunch of old stuff and woke up at the butt crack of dawn 2 Saturdays in a row to raise money for 12P.
We have given great thought to starting to dive deep into the serious garage sales world. It is a dark and creepy world that involves waking up before the sun even thinks about getting up, and haggling over a nickel on a half broken pinata.

We got the rest of our recording done. 3 down 2 to go and you guys get to hear an EP. We are working on ripping off some old Michael Jackson rifs and maybe even covering a Winger tune or maybe a ballad by The Cult.
This month we will be celebrating my birthday along with (fingers crossed) Matt passing his driver's test on his 16th B-day, good luck buddy. So come out we are playing every corner of the state.

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-Tuesday, October 1, 2002-
Brandon bleached his hair. I realize that's not that exciting, but Jordan already gave you the Barry Sanders tidbit, and that was the big exciting thing... hm... Jordan resurrected his old 8-bit Nintendo system and has got it set up. We've been recording recording recording. The new songs even have (gasp!) keyboard on them.
And I hope you all didn't show up in Lawton for the Rock Awards last month. They got pushed back a week, then moved to November, then moved again (the November date was going to coincide with the lead singer of Pantera's side project, which was playing in OKC that night. Can't have that, now can we? None of the mook-rock bands would show up...), and now they're on November 10.
Matt and I went to Edgefest in Tulsa (great performance by our good friends Upside... you guys should check them out), and we saw Bowling for Soup naked. That was more of a traumatic experience than a good experience. But we also got to see Sugarcult, one of the few bands that all the members of 12p think rock. So that was cool.

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-Sunday, September 22, 2002-
Othello's was great - hope Barry Sanders enjoyed the show. That's right, Barry Sanders happened into the show last night. Why Barry Sanders was in Norman I don't know, but there he was... wearing a Lions cap, keeping a low pro. Andrew (with a few freebies down him) asked him "you wouldn't happen to be Barry Sanders, would you?" "You never know," he replied, as he chuckled and mentioned that he "had heard of Stillwater". The crowd was grooving - even if that wasn't Barry Sanders. Othello's, we'll come back any time.

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-Tuesday, August 27, 2002-
So lately 12 Pearls has had a real problem with stuff not making it into the requisite vehicles that are going to the gigs. Last week in OKC it was all the mike, monitor and speaker cables and the microphones. Luckily, we were able to beg, borrow and steal one mike, and the whole night was 12p-Beatles-style with Jordan and Brandon (and sometimes Kit) sharing the microphone. It looked like Kit and Brandon kissed full on the mouth at one point, but then that's a pretty normal occurrence. Then this past Friday in Norman lil' Matt forgot his bass drum pedal. It's hard to beg, borrow or steal a bass drum pedal, so yours truly got the pleasure of driving back to get it, while in the meantime, 12 Pearls played a set that featured a lot of wussy drumming (hey, you really miss that bass drum when it's not there). But, it all worked out in the end and the rock was able to continue.
Oh, and did I mention that 12 Pearls played in front of 600 sorority rush girls at an OSU party two weeks ago? That was fun. I think we'll leave it at that.

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-Tuesday, July 16, 2002-
Some of my personal highlights from the recent tour (expanding on what Kit wrote, plus some stuff he left out):
• Brandon getting really into the advance tapes of the soap opera that 12 Pearls did the theme song for (that's "Almost Legal," kids, premiering this fall on the Burly Bear Network). I have a sneaking suspicion that Brandon watches "Guiding Light."
• Running out of gas 10 miles north of Stephenville (wait, maybe that was a lowlight). Pulling a trailer up and down Texas hill country really cuts your gas mileage down.
• The best band name in the history of band names: The Steve Daves from Stephenville, TX. If you don't get the reference, go see Mallrats RIGHT FRIGGIN' NOW.
• Not having anything to do in Lawton, so we went to the mall (is that Central Mall?) and people-watched until that got boring, so we saw Men in Black II. Also, I bought Hometown Hero's new CD at the Lawton mall and played it for the guys, who decided that "eighteen" had the strangest drum kick-in in history (get an mp3 at Seriously, it sounds like a one-legged guy falling down stairs slowly. So to surprise Kit, Matt used the "eighteen" fill to kick off "Make It Better" in Lawton that night. I thought it was funny; Kit and the crowd both just looked puzzled.
• During the next-to-last song in Lawton, Matt had a half-inch splinter peel off one of his sticks and land IN HIS EYE! And he had no idea what had happened, just that his eye hurt. So after the show, Matt walks up to Kit and Brandon and is like "Is there something in my eye?" And both Kit and Brandon's eyes got real wide. Then Kit reached in and yanked out the splinter.
America's Birthday Bash tour complete, we're now home, and looking forward to doing it again just as soon as we finish this album.

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-Thursday, July 11, 2002-
Yes Yes, That's right. 12p has been all over the place in the past few weeks. We have had a lot of fun and played with a lot of good bands along the way. Since no one has chosen to tell you guys about the rulin'-like-Larry Doolen time that we had, I will give the 411.
Ok. our bang up 4th of Rockin' July tour kicked off in Dallas at good ole Lucky's in Deep Ellum. Because of a horrible case of cooties, Jordan was stuck in Tulsa on our first show July 3rd at Lucky's. Nevertheless, the "Mini-12Pearls" or "Cap'n Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters" decided to rock it up the best we could. We also discovered a hole in our rented trailer that left my bass cabinet damp on the way down. Kit not happy about that! There was a pretty decent turn out from Lucky's always unpredictable clientel. Unfortunately Tracy, the owner, blew a fuse when someone stuck their sticky little fingers into our tip jar. With big thanks to our friends in the Strout family we crashed down to prepare for Thursday.
We woke at 10 to see the Dallas 4th of July parade. We hung out with little kids and reluctantly let them catch all the candy from the floats, except for Andrew who literally stole candy from a baby.
Some of the guys went to see our manager's sister Courtney and her late breaking soap opera "Almost Legal" in Ft. Worth. The aspiring writer and director is developing a treatment for our first video for the new album.
My special lady friend made up a 4th of July cake to munch on while we waited for Jordan to get in town and head down to Lucky's for round 2. We had a killer show at Matt's second Lucky's appearance. Even some family friends dropped in with parents and family. While setting up, Tracy attempted to draw more crowd by selling barbecue , cooked up by Wiley, who at some point in his life had to be a Skynard roadie. A punker's kid was in the bar early during setup and we heard the sweet little girl of no more than 7 give her best rendition of "Let the bodies hit the floor". That really reinforces my view that family values are back to stay!
Anyway, the two bands that played after us were Illfusion and Neuroma. Cookie monster rock at its finest. However, in a small place like Lucky's it was enough to drive us back to the trailer and set us up on the roof of the strout home downtown for some fun and Tony Hawk....always some Tony hawk.
Friday we took off to Stephenville, TX to see our frieds Glide and their 2nd annual home grown music festival Moo-Lapolooza. Stephenville is the dairy capital of the world with nearly $223,000,000 analy in dairy sales. Wow, not bad for a town of 15,000. Anyway that is where Moo-La comes from. With clouds bearing down on us we took off to CLub 21 out in the country. We loaded in and played 2nd to a diverse crowd of music lovers. That was the greatest part. Not kids just drinking and talking, but people who came to see great live music. We had bands such as the Steve Daves, Affliction, and Glide scheduled. All and all about 6 bands. Gotta give it up to John, Biskit and the rest of the guys for putting on a great show with professional sound and lighting (home made). After we played I went to move the trailer to load out and got it royally stuck in the mud. THanks to the locals for pushing it out, we were able to get loaded up. We hadn't eaten all day, so the majority of us decided to go to the SLOWEST FRIGGIN CHILI'S ON EARTH. Our pregnant waitress was less than attentive. With only Andrew holdin' down the fort. We ordered him some food and then we got the call. O couldn' t hear anything, but ..."trouble....police.....underage.....crazy" before my cell phone cut out. Andru called back and uttered these simple words, "Biskit is going to jail !!!!!!!" We headed back to find that a lot of the underage kids had attracted a sherrif. The owner of the club had lied to the members of GLide telling them that beer would be ok. Even though no one underage was drinking, a liscense for alchol was not present. With Glide down a bass player, Affliction ended the show and we tore down. We feel really sorry for Glide after all that hard work, but they weren't phased. "Now everyone in town will want to come hear us" Good for you boys.
After spending the night playin Tony Hawk and watching little Natalie Prtman in "The Prfessional", we headed to Lawton, OK. We met up with our buddy Brandon and played with 2 great Oklahoma bands. The very very very Primus like Fatback gave a heck of a show everyone should check them out they are very talented. Then the last performance by the drummer from Shroyer was ok. Then, we got on and played a show that proved we were travel weary. We made it through a ecent show and then packed up for home. So there you have it. The true story of 12p. Keep listening. We will be coming to a town near you!!!!

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-Monday, July 01, 2002-
Also big thumbs-up to the bunch at Chub's in Stillwater... we had no idea that many people were still in town over the summer! Saw some old friends, and had a wild time at the post-show party as well. Thanks for responding to the new stuff, and we'll see y'all again at the end of August...

Joplin was pretty kick-donkey…the show was outdoors on a patio at a restaurant, and lots of people dancing, drinking, grooving to 12p, etc. The real downer was afterwards when we found out every hotel in town was booked for some airshow, so we had to drive back to Tulsa at 4 in the morning. Not fun, kids. Not fun. Anyway, we're relaxing and getting geared up for the five shows in four days party that starts Wednesday in Big D.

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12p would like to thank the people in Joplin, MO who made it out to the Kitchen Pass last Saturday night. We all had a "thumbs-up" evening. Hope all those birthday's and wedding's ended up like were supposed to! Hopefully we'll be back soon for 12 Pearls - the Sequel...

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-Friday, June 21, 2002-
So you want to know what a typical day with 12 Pearls is like?
Here goes...
If it's a long road trip, you'll typically show up early- to mid-afternoon, and the band will be watching TV. After an hour or so of that, loading to get to the gig will be talked about, then finally done about 3 or 4 p.m. Then it's time to pile into the two SUVs (we really should merge into one van one of these days) to hit the road. After the drive, you get to the club, load in, and sit around for four or five hours waiting for the show to start. Depending on whether or not free beer is included in the contract, drunken hijinks will ensue (of course, Matt doesn't drink beer, so drunken hijinks still haven't ensued with him). Then play the show, talk to the fans, sell a t-shirt or two, load back into the SUVs, and drive back. That's when the real fun starts, like the time I fell asleep in the back of Jordan's car with an open bag of jellybeans and spilled them everywhere (we still find purple ones from time to time) or the many times various sleep-deprived 12p members have done strange things to stay awake. My personal favorite is Jordan with the air conditioning on full blast, the windows rolled down in the middle of winter, the radio cranked to 11 and Jordan slapping his ass like he's riding a horse while he yells "Whoo! Hoo-boy!". Actually, that one happened at 2:30 in the afternoon one day, so I guess he wasn't trying to stay awake. But you get my point.

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-Saturday, March 23, 2002-

The alarm goes off at an ungodly 8:30am because I have to wake up Baby Girl (Matt). We all walk around scratching ourselves and squinting at the incoming sunlight. About an hour later, we're on the road (again) on our way to Yellowdog Studios to lay down 'Little Girl'. As we arrive, we're greeted by a suprisingly-chipper Ed Knoll (best known for his work with Caroline's Spine). Eager to get to business, we piled all our crap kinda out of the way and helped Matt set up a hodge-podge drum set consisting of hardware from the 12p set, Matt's set, and some loaners from the Spine set (courtesy of Ed). As we wrap up the drum construction, we make our way to the control room and fall on our respective couches/wingbacks and watch as Ed and Dave Percefull set up the drum mics. As they're setting up the mics they are curiously asking for Matt's technique and he lovingly educates them as they, in turn, educate him in the ways of studio recording. It's now about 11:15 and, after Brandon and I laid down scratch guitar and vocals, we're ready to get started. Matt quickly finds his comfort zone in a couple of takes, and we manage to hammer, and I mean hammer (you'll see what I mean when you hear it) out the drum tracks. Ed calls out a lunch break, so we hit Mickey D's, regroup a bit, and come back for more. Up next: the Notorius K-I-T. Kit steps up to the plate, and because bass can go direct, he posts up in the control room for his tracks. At this point, to maintain sanity I'm sure, Ed suggested that the rest of us be silent while in the control booth. Not being able to stand this for too long, Brandon, Matt and I took frequent trips around the studio on the resident scooter, took a look at the video production room, and dropped in on Kit occasionally to give him the proverbial patt-on-the-ass-for-good-luck. The bass tracks took us up to about 3:30pm. Having booked time until 6:00pm, Ed decided to get the guitar rig set up and ready to go. So we watched as Dave and Ed sought out the perfect guitar tone. We laid down a couple scratch tracks and called it a day.

-Sunday, March 24, 2002-

Once again the damn alarm goes off at 8:30am. And, once again, we drag our asses around just long enough to get them cleaned, and we head for the studio. We show up, this time just after 10:00am, and get straight to guitar tracks. Brandon being the better guitarist, he did the guitar tracks for 'Little Girl' - and did he ever. Andrew, Kit, Matt and I could only hear the production through the wall of the adjoining "band room", but it was enough. Ed and Brandon had apparently set themselves up in the control room on a quest for success. Nearly three hours later, they came up for air. After a deserving lunch break (for Brandon anyway), we got back to work. Now it's my turn. I step hesitantly into the iso booth to do my best at the vocals. At my request, Brandon sits in with Ed to help critique my performance. Expecting the worst, I nail them in a couple of takes, do the backing tracks, and it's back to riding scooters. Brandon effortlessly put forth the vocal harmonies and echoes, and we were ready for the finishing touches. For these, we chose Matt. He got in there, got them done, and 12p was done recording 'Little Girl', with time to spare.

Oh yeah, me and Brandon almost got shot/stabbed/forced-to-transport-heroine-in-our-rectum by some 15yr-old-gang-banging, mullet-wearing-dad-having, 29yr-old-ass-beating kid - but we didn't, so that's good.
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