september 24, 2004
Jefferson Hall
Cincinnati, OH
october 9, 2004
Bricktown Brewery
Oklahoma City, OK

12 Pearls
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12 Pearls
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-March 7, 2005-
Hello, all... we hope things are hunky-dory with
you... we've got tons of catching-up to do... but
first things first...


We are one of the 32 finalists in 94.7 fm's March
Bandness competition in Oklahoma City. So if you have
a second, we would greatly appreciate your vote for
our song "you don't" at . The
winner is the Buzz "house band," gets some cash and
some studio time and some free stuff from Guitar
Center. Which we might share. If you vote for us.

Once again, that's
, our
name is 12 Pearls, and we appreciate your vote. Thanks

In other news...
1) We're performing live this Saturday, March 12 at
the Lower Greenville St. Patrick's Day Festival in
Dallas with Junior and Phil Pritchett, both great
bands. Our set runs 1 to 3 p.m., so if you're in Big
D, you should come check us out. It's free, and
there's probably green beer involved.

2) Our own Brandon Jackson was recently named "Best
Acoustic Guitarist" by Payne County Line magazine in
their best of 2004 awards. Don't forget you can always
check out Brandon and Steve Rice of No Justice at
Rooster's in Stillwater every Monday night.

3) As long as we're discussing awards and voting, you
can also vote for us in the Oklahoma Gazette Woody
awards at . I think
Toby Keith won last year, but hey, maybe we've got a
shot this year.

That's all; we'll see you guys soon! Thanks again in
advance if you can vote.
-12 Pearls


Best Oklahoma Rock Band of the Year: 12 Pearls
Payne County Line 2004

-November 4, 2004-
Things went GREAT on our trip to Cincinnati. Scroll
down to see the videos we took. We'll have some
pictures and a diary entry up soon.

In international 12 Pearls news, a German magazine has
reviewed the Listen EP. If you can read German, take a
gander at

And we now have a SECOND single on the radio in Japan.
Shonan Beach FM 78.9 in Chiba, Japan started spinning
"Always" last week. You can listen for yourself on
their webcast at

And happy belated birthday to Kit and Matt. Kit turned
47, and Matt is now 13. Hope you enjoyed the erotic
cakes, guys!


Check out some Pics of the Ohio Journey.

-September 23, 2004-
Tune in to 106.5 FM KTLS in Ada Thursday night, Sept. 23, for an interview between DJ Craig Stone and Brandon Jackson of 12p. Brandon'll be talking about the band, the Midpoint Music Festival, and some other stuff, and Craig'll spin several 12p songs. Less than Jake will be the other guest, so tune in and check it out; the show runs from 7 a.m. to midnight.
Take a look at what Brandon, Matt & Kit are up to on the road to Cincinatti for the Mid Point Music Festival. 12p has been selected to play and made the cut for the Festival's Compilation CD due out later this fall.
-September 10, 2004-
106.5 FM KTLS in Ada began playing our song "You Don't" Thursday evening. You can now call in and request "You Don't" (hint, hint) at 580.436.5857. We're not sure how far 106.5's signal reaches, but you MIGHT be able to pick up the station in parts of Norman.

-September 3, 2004-

Our song "Mexican Boyfriend" just got selected for the 2004 Midpoint Music Festival compilation CD. We're pretty excited, as only a few of the 180 or so bands showcasing got picked for it. We'll try to get a few extra copies at the festival next month, and bring 'em back for you guys.

Recording went well, and you can now hear the results. We just set up a page on, and it's got a streaming version of our brand-new song "You Don't." Check it out at If you like it, please give it a good rating, so it can climb the myspace charts. While you're there, if you'd like to be our friend, sign up. We need all the friends we can get.

Stay tuned to for even more exciting news, 'cause we hope to have some in the next couple of weeks!

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